Fever, rash. How dangerous is the new disease discovered in children called tomato flu?

Fever, rash. How dangerous is the new disease discovered in children called tomato flu?

The series of new diseases is increasing in the world after the corona epidemic subsided, recently the tomato flu that appeared in India has taken dozens of children, after which there is concern about this new disease. I am seeing an increase.

What is tomato flu?
Tomato flu is an unknown fever with most of the cases occurring in the Indian state of Kerala. Young children may be more affected by it, but it is not yet clear whether this disease is a viral fever, chicken gonorrhea or dengue fever.

Symptoms of tomato fever
Children with tomato flu have a rash about the size of a tomato, skin irritation, and signs of dehydration on the tongue. Some patients have claimed that worms also come out of the abscess. High fever, blisters, fatigue, joint pain, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, sneezing, runny nose, tomato-sized rash, burning mouth, pain in hands, knees, hips are the main symptoms of tomato flu. 

Can it spread?
Like the common flu, tomato fever is contagious and the only way to prevent its spread is to isolate an infected child. It is important to prevent children from scratching the blisters caused by the flu. Adequate rest and hygiene are also advised. Utensils, clothing and other items used by infected people must be cleaned to prevent the spread of the flu.
Tomato fever is a self-limiting flu, which means the symptoms will clear up on their own over time if proper care is taken. The most important aspect is to keep the child hydrated and keep in regular contact with the doctor if there are any symptoms.

Medical experts have not yet been able to give a final opinion regarding tomato flu, but experts say that the affected patient should consult a doctor immediately. Avoid light food and scratching, keep distance from other people. It is important to take care of hygiene for the patient and the people around him.

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