To avoid these serious damages, stop the bad habit of pulling mature hair now

Plucking gray hair: It is not good to pluck gray hair

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One of the most common and discussed problems of today’s generation is premature graying of hair. It is youth Adolescence, even in childhood, is becoming hairy This problem occurs due to several reasons Multiple factors are responsible for this problem As the hair matures, the production of melanin for pigmentation at the hair root decreases As a result black hair turns white

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But why this supply of melanin decreases? Its main reason is genetic If there is a family history of precocious puberty, this problem can occur in every generation Even if the supply of vitamin D, vitamin B-12 decreases, hair can grow before old age

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Illnesses like dandruff can also cause graying of the hair In this disease, melanocytes leave the body Melanin is produced by these melanocytes Due to lack of melanin production, the hair grows prematurely
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Many factors are responsible for premature graying of hair including thyroid, insufficient sleep, mental stress. No matter what age the hair grows, it is said not to pull the hair by hand It makes more hair grow But that is not right
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Pulling the mature hair by hand prevents other hairs from growing But according to the experts, there are other reasons why it is not advisable to pull the mature hair Its main reason is that pulling mature hair can lead to skin infection
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Regular brushing of ingrown hairs can cause hyperpigmentation in infected skin Follicle damage can lead to permanent hair loss Trichotillomania can occur when hair is constantly pulled from certain areas of the head The problem of hair loss can last longer than that
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If you have a tendency to pull your hair by hand, it can lead to permanent hair growth and baldness in any part of the head So trim the mature hair by cutting it with scissors

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