Effects Of Eggs On Cholesterol: Should you eat eggs if you have cholesterol? How many a week? Research will surprise you

Effects Of Eggs On Cholesterol: Can you eat eggs every day if you have cholesterol? Or eggs caught in the week! Or absolutely forbidden! Research will surprise you
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Can you eat eggs every day? Is it beneficial for the body? We have many questions about this! Eggs contain vitamin A, vitamin B12, fat, protein, calories, potassium, sodium are all found in an egg! But it also contains cholesterol! which is of concern. photo source collected
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Does eating eggs increase cholesterol? Many people stop eating eggs in middle age out of fear. But research suggests that healthy people can eat one egg a day. But there are questions about eating everyday! photo source collected

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Many people are not aware of their body diseases. In that case, eating three eggs a week is safe! This rule is said to be followed only after middle age. But at this age a routine body check-up should always be done every three months. It is known whether sugar, cholesterol nests. If cholesterol is present or high. No more than one egg per week should be consumed. photo source collected

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The egg yolk contains most of the ingredients. So you can eat without the yolk. photo source collected
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Moreover, if there are heart problems, and high blood pressure problems and blood sugar, then eggs should be reined in. If it is too much, you can eat two eggs a month! However, before eating eggs every day after one age, it is necessary to consult a doctor, if there is a disease in the body. And healthy people can always eat an egg a day! photo source collected

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