Preterm Birth Risk: Thinking about having a baby before time? Having this problem in the body can have terrible consequences

Preterm Birth Risk: There are several risk factors for preterm birth or premature birth

Premature birth is always a concern. Babies born prematurely do not develop well. A baby born before the completion of 37 weeks of pregnancy is called a pre-mature baby. There are several risk factors for preterm birth. which researchers have yet to identify.

The following factors put women at higher risk for preterm labor or birth:

1) Women who have delivered before term or who have previously experienced preterm delivery may be at higher risk for preterm labor and delivery.

2) Twins, triplets, or more “multiple pregnancies” may be at higher risk. A study found that this risk may remain in 50% of cases when twins are born.

3) Some abnormalities of reproductive organs are at higher risk for premature labor and birth.

4) This problem can happen if there is amnesia.

5) High blood pressure can be a risk factor.

6) Urinary Tract Infection or UTI increases the problem.

7) Abdominal injury or placental damage will increase the problem.

8) Premature delivery is possible even with conception through IVF

9) Indulging in smoking or drugs can cause many problems for the future mother.

10) It is normal to take this risk if there is physical, sexual or mental abuse.

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