YouTube: You can now download your favorite YouTube videos without the net! get to know

YouTube: The user only needs to have a smartphone! Know what to do!

Many of us remember that YouTube Shorts started in 2021. Since then, those reels started to become popular on Instagram or other social media. After many reels also comes in the news. It includes many videos that we really like. But the problem is that we enjoy watching those videos, but once we watch them, we cannot download them to our phones. Most of the time it is seen that those videos are not being downloaded very easily. But by following some simple methods we can download our favorite YouTube shorts. For this the user only needs to have a smartphone and proper internet connection.

Let’s know how to download YouTube shorts on our phone:

First of all we have to go to our Android smartphone and open the YouTube app.

Now play a YouTube shorts video, click on its share button and copy the link of that video.

Now the user has to open the link.

Then the link should be pasted in the place given next to the search option.

Then the user has to click on the search option.

Now user can download the video in any quality i.e. depending on MB.

By following this method, the video will be saved on our smartphone very easily.

By going to the video folder of our smartphone we can see the downloaded video of our choice.

Now we can send the video whenever we want, to whoever we want or watch it ourselves.

However, the user should remember that using this application by downloading it from the Google Play Store will provide faster and better service.

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