Happy news for those who have booked Scorpio N model – you will get the car on Navratri day.!


Mahindra Scorpio-N | Mahindra has planned to deliver 7,000 cars within 10 days starting September 26.

The bookings for Mahindra’s Scorpio N model started on 30th July amid great expectations of SUV car lovers. Customers booked 25,000 thousand cars within 1 minute of booking and 1 lakh cars in the next half hour. The total booking value of one lakh cars is estimated at Rs.18 thousand crores.

In that way, the Scorpio N car entered the market with a lot of expectations even before the car went on sale. Mahindra has already announced that it will be delivered to customers from September. In this case, Mahindra Company has announced that it will deliver the car to the customers from Navratri Thirunal on September 26.

7 thousand cars delivered in 10 days
Mahindra has planned to deliver 7,000 cars within 10 days starting September 26. Mahindra said that priority will be given to customers who have booked the Z8-L variant cars, and the first 25,000 customers who have specifically booked the Z8-L variant will be delivered within two months.

Mahindra company officials said that the waiting period will vary depending on which models the customers have booked and the car will be delivered within 4 months to the first 25,000 customers regardless of the variant booked. It has been informed that the car will be delivered to the customers at the same price specified on the day of launch.

Specific delivery date will be communicated
The information about the date on which the car will be delivered to each customer is to be communicated through the CRM channel. Customers who booked after the first 25,000 customers will be informed in the next 10 days about when the car will be delivered.

Meets expectations
The Scorpio N comes with the design, performance, advanced technology, advanced amenities and integrated safety features as expected by SUV lovers.

Vijay Nagra, Head of Automotive Division of Mahindra and Mahindra said, “We are committed to carry out delivery work for customers in full scale. Accordingly we have high quality automated manufacturing facilities. This will ensure speedy delivery,” he said.

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