Heath Tips: Get a muscular body without gaining weight, do these 10 bodyweight exercises every day!

Health Care Tips: Here are the top 10 bodyweight exercises discussed. It is ideal for those who want to innovate in their workouts.

Bodyweight exercises have gained immense popularity since the lockdown period. It does not require any equipment like dumbbells, barbells. This workout uses only body weight to build muscle. So there is no need to go to the gym for bodyweight exercises. It can be practiced anytime anywhere. Here are the top 10 bodyweight exercises discussed. It is ideal for those who want to innovate in their workouts.

Single Leg Box Squat:
This strengthens the muscles of both legs from the waist down. Increases leg strength in particular. Brings balance.

Scatter Squad: This is very similar to a normal squad. The difference is very slight. It strengthens the hips and joints.

Press ups: This is similar to push ups. It is not paired with strengthening the upper body. Especially the shoulders and lower body. Experts say 20 press ups a day is enough. Press ups are ideal exercises for increasing muscular endurance and flexibility.

Spider Crawl: Spider crawl strengthens legs, arms, chest and shoulders. If you want a body like a superhero, you must do this exercise. It strengthens the body from within and also helps in building muscle.

Burpee activates all the muscles of the body simultaneously. It is a very painstaking exercise. So a lot of calories are burned. Those looking to lose weight can also incorporate burpees into their workouts. There is no pair of burpees to give the most benefits in the least amount of time.

Tricep Dip: The tricep dip strengthens the arm and shoulder muscles. It is a very simple exercise but very effective. If you want muscular arms, you must do tricep dips. But the tricep dip exercise works great for strengthening not only the arms and cups, but also the upper body.

Pull ups:
It strengthens the back muscles as well as the arms, chest and shoulders. In short, pull-ups are ideal exercises for strengthening the upper body. It maintains body stability and balance.

Handstand Walk Walk: This is a fun exercise. Keep both hands on the ground and lift the legs up with the help of the wall. It strengthens the back and back of the body. Especially in the erector muscles.

Frozen V-Sit: Strengthens the abdominal muscles. FROZEN V-SIT Raise your legs up and touch your feet with both hands while sitting. It also increases body balance.

Glute Bridge: Lying on your back with both knees bent and hips, waist and back stretched. Both hands will be on the floor. It strengthens hamstrings, lower body, lower back.

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