Why harm with chemicals? Make a great toner at home

Homemade toner for face: Toners not only have the ability to remove excess dirt, oil stains and makeup residue, but also balance the pH level of the skin.

Experts advise to follow CTM routine for skin care. what is that Cleansing, toning and moisturizing. But despite the emphasis on cleansing and moisturizing, toners are largely neglected. But it is equally important. Toners not only have the ability to remove excess dirt, oil stains and makeup residue, but also balance the skin’s pH level.

But not only these, it should be kept in mind that toners also act as moisturizers, as they contain humectants. This is enough to understand its importance in skin care. There are many types of toners available in the market. But they contain chemicals. So it is best to use homemade toner.

Rose water toner: Boil 5-6 drops of rose water in a cup of water. Then keep covered for 5-8 minutes. Once the water has cooled, it can be filled into a spray bottle and used whenever desired. Indians and Egyptians have been using rose water as a beauty ingredient for years. Rose water helps soothe inflamed skin and refresh dull and tired skin.

Green Tea: Boil 2 bags of green tea in a cup of water. Leave for 15 minutes. Then keep it cold in the bottle. After cleansing, put a little toner on a cotton pad or pad and gently clean the face. Green tea contains antioxidants. It keeps skin moist. Absorbs excess oil. The polyphenols in it help destroy free radicals.

Cucumber: Cut the cucumber using a wheel and grind it in a blender. Add half a cup of water and aloe vera gel along with it. After mixing it well, the toner is ready. Cucumber juice keeps the skin cool. It also does not help to keep the skin hydrated. Regular application of cucumber juice brightens the skin and also protects from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Mix 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar with a cup of fresh green tea. This time it should be kept in the refrigerator and used after cooling. Apple cider vinegar helps improve skin texture. Rich in acetic acid and alpha hydroxy acids, apple cider vinegar gently exfoliates the skin and deep cleans the pores.

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