Half pants, hawaii chati can be fine if you ride a bike! Know the rules

Traffic Rules for Bikes: Find out if the traffic police can fine you if you ride a bike or scooter wearing half pants, shorts.

There are various traffic rules to follow while riding a bike or scooter on the road. Breaking some of these rules can result in heavy fines.

But very few people know what are the rules regarding dress code while driving. You may have often seen people riding two-wheelers in shorts or flip flops. Although some people think that such clothing is wrong to ride a bike.

Most people are not aware of the correct rules. Today we are going to clear your confusion. Let’s find out what are the rules in this regard.

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, you must wear proper clothing while riding a bike or driving a car in India. As per rules, it is mandatory for two-wheeler drivers to wear boots while driving. That is, if you ride a bike or scooter wearing slippers, you may be fine. Violation of the law can result in a fine of 1000 rupees.

Similarly, the rider should wear a shirt or T-shirt with full length pants/trousers while riding. Those who ride bikes/scooters wearing shorts are breaking the law. In that case, traffic police can fine 2000 taka.

In fact, while riding a motorcycle, the rider’s feet are next to the exhaust pipe and the hot engine. Wearing shorts can burn your legs against the motorcycle’s engine and exhaust pipe. And so there is a rule to ride a bike wearing full pants and boots. But for your own safety, you should wear full pants while riding a bike or scooter.

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