Want to make UPI payments on WhatsApp! Get the job done in four easy steps

Want to make UPI payments on WhatsApp! Get the job done in four easy steps

Whatsapp UPI Payments: Transacting money on WhatsApp is as easy as sending a short message. This special arrangement facilitates users to seamlessly transact UPI-based money at one convenient location.

Whether it’s the local grocery to the daily market, the need to send money to relatives, friends, family, or your own small business transactionsโ€”the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) has made it extremely convenient to transact money digitally. There are further advantages, combining messaging and payment facilities on the same platform. Whatsapp does exactly that.

On Whatsapp, transferring money is as simple as sending a short message. This special system enables users to seamlessly transact UPI-based money at a convenient location. WhatsApp has an option to send money to a particular person in a chat.

What to do?
UPI payment is possible by tapping on the ‘โ‚น’ icon while chatting with any contact. Or, money can be transacted by scanning the QR code. There are more than 2 crore shops in India which have QR-code system.

If there is any difficulty in this, then money can be transacted from the known ‘chat interface window’. For this, just a few steps need to be followed on Whatsapp-

Step 1: Bank Account Linking:
To link a bank account, first open an account with an Indian bank that accepts UPI. The primary phone number associated with the active bank account should be the WhatsApp account number.

This time the window should be opened as if chatting with the person who needs to send money > Tap on the Payment icon. Or, Attach > Payment can be tapped.

Next, enter the amount to be sent > Tap on Next > Tap on Get Started.

After that a message will be shown Tap Accept and Continue to accept our Payments Terms and Privacy Policy.

Once this is done, the list of bank names will open. From there, tap to select your bank.

Tap on Verify via SMS > Tap on Allow If WhatsApp already has permissions to make and manage phone calls, then all these permissions will not be required.

Tap on the bank account that needs to be added to send or receive payments via Whatsapp.

Then tap on Continue to verify your debit card.

Verify your debit card details > Tap on Verify Card.

Step 2: Sending Money:
Once your bank account is added to your WhatsApp, you can send money to anyone you know.

A window should open to chat with the person who needs to send money.

Tap on the ‘โ‚น’ symbol (Payment Icon). After that, enter the amount > Next > Send payment and tap on it.

Step 3: Verification Process with UPI PIN:
For any money transaction you will be asked to confirm the UPI PIN first. If UPI PIN is not created then you will be asked to verify the last 6 digits of your debit card and expiry date.

Step 4: Payment Confirmation:
One can check one’s transaction details in the chat to know whether the money transaction is successful. Or you can go to Payment Settings and view the list of old transactions.

Stickers and backgrounds are available to differentiate the money transaction experience on WhatsApp. These stickers and backgrounds can be selected by tapping on the ‘Stickers’ icon in Chat Composer.

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