Mental Health: Has the situation become worse after breakup and divorce? Take care of your mental health…

Mental Health: If mental emotions are not managed properly after a breakup and divorce, there is a risk of the situation becoming worse. Let’s find out how to get 
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Whether divorce is taken in marriage life or partner breaks up in love life, the next days are very painful. Almost everyone feels lonely after a romantic relationship ends. It is natural for them to suffer depression. After the separation, the whole world seems to have turned upside down.
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If these intense mental emotions are not properly managed, the situation may become worse. Speaking to Hindustan Times on this matter, Aruba Kabir, a mental health counselor and founder of Enso Wellness, gave some pointers. Let’s find out her tips to lead a normal life after breakup and separation.
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* Forget and move on.. : After separation from marriage partner or lover, many think of suicide. They feel that their life is over and there is no one like them in this world. In fact, life does not end after surgery. This breakup or divorce is just a small part of life. These things are not in our hands. That is why it is better to forget about these uncontrollable things and start a new life. It is better to enjoy life as long as it lasts and not leave it half way.
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* Favorite hobby: Generally people have many hobbies like cooking, writing, reading, painting, traveling and dancing. Choose the one you like best. This hobby brings back the enjoyment in life. These techniques will help you forget the pain, fill you with confidence and energy.

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* Don’t hide emotions : Many people try to be happy during this time. But one day you feel very happy, the next day you feel very sad and even cry. Do not try to stop crying at this time. If you feel like crying, cry right away. By doing that, the burden on the mind will be reduced.
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* Negativity: After breaking up with a relationship, one should not think negatively about it. Never let the negative thoughts enter into the man that you are the reason for the breakup. The more you think about the good in this relationship, the less the pain.
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* Follow these tips.. : Heart break is sure to happen after separation from the one you like. Due to which daily tasks cannot be done properly. Their emotions are heightened. Keeping these emotions inside can seriously damage mental health. That’s why it is better to let friends and family members know all their feelings. They will provide you good support during this difficult time. Thus it is possible to get out of this difficult period. If you don’t want to share this with friends or family members, you can join a support group. Or counseling can be taken.

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