How to have makeup in pandal hopping from morning to night in puja? There is a way, know

Puja makeup

Applying sunscreen instead of primer will make your makeup last longer. How to use?

Puja means going round and round. Getting dressed in the morning. Since then, eating and drinking outside, shouting, chatting and idol darshan. Spend the night wandering from pandel to pandel. But the thing is, the morning makeup will stay until the night!

Many people are worried about how to make makeup last longer. Search the internet. But the location does not match. But if you follow a few simple tips, your makeup will last longer. Here are the guidelines to go without makeup during Puja.

Almost everyone applies sunscreen when going outside. It can be used in many ways. Makeup usually starts with a primer. But if you apply sunscreen instead of primer, the makeup will last longer. How to use? Here are its details.

Sunscreen creates a layer on the skin: Not many people know, sunscreen creates a layer on the skin. This layer protects the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Primers also create a layer over the skin. But that only protects the skin from damage caused by makeup. For this reason, experts recommend using sunscreen instead of primer. And what is the benefit?

Smoothes the sunscreen base: Primer is applied to smooth the skin. Similarly, sunscreen also creates a layer on the skin and helps smooth the skin. This makes the makeup base glide easily. Also the makeup lasts longer.

Sunscreen prevents chemicals from entering the pores of the skin:
Just as primers prevent makeup from reaching the pores, similarly, sunscreen prevents chemical makeup products from reaching the pores of the face. Also sunscreen contains SPF. It not only protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, but also helps protect it from the damage caused by tanning. So it is said to use sunscreen instead of primer in makeup. It makes the makeup last longer as well as the skin.

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