2.1 inch display! What other features is Apple Watch Ultra bringing? find out

Apple Watch Ultra with 2.1 inch display is going to be launched in 2024.

Apple’s iPhone is hugely popular all over the world. That popularity is increasing in India as well with other countries of the world. That’s why Apple doesn’t take too long to launch its latest model of iPhone in India. Apart from their popular iPhone, Apple has been launching various gadgets.

Despite the popularity of all those gadgets in the market, the most enthusiasm is about the Apple Watch. Currently, there are different price ranges of smartwatches from different companies in the market.

Seeing this popularity of smartwatches, Apple also launched their smartwatches. Now it is known that Apple is going to launch a smartwatch with a 2.1 inch display. Apple Watch Ultra with 2.1 inch display is going to be launched in 2024. Let’s take a look at all the details of this Apple watch.

According to reports, Apple may launch the new Apple Watch Ultra with a larger 2.1-inch display next year i.e. 2024. This has already been reported in the media. Haitong International Securities analyst Jeff Pu shared the news last month.

According to MacRumors report, Apple Watch Ultra with 2.1 inch display is going to be launched next year i.e. 2024. But the exact date of its launch is not yet known.

Currently, the Apple Watch Ultra has a 1.93-inch display. The 2024 model could have a nearly 10 percent larger display. The new display is expected to be the first Apple Watch with a 50mm case size.

The new Apple Watch Ultra also features MicroLED display technology, which will aim for higher brightness as well as lower power consumption than current models with OLED displays.

Apple Watch Ultra may take longer to reach the market due to the high production cost of microLED displays at present. Last month, Puo stated that he expects Apple Watch sales to decline in 2023, “due to a lack of significant feature upgrades.” It remains to be seen what features the Apple Watch Ultra will have in 2024.

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