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Bike Insurance Price List -: It is important to have bike insurance in today’s time, every driver should know that when our bike insurance will end and for how many days the insurance is there, if you do not know then today we are going to talk about How to check bike insurance price list.

There are many of you bike drivers who often keep searching such questions on the internet that bike insurance price list , that is why we thought why not explain it in detail through the article, if you also want to see your bike insurance list price. If you want, then you must read this article till the last.

We all should know that how much is the insurance plan of which vehicle, if there is no insurance of any vehicle, then there can be a lot of loss and there is a chance of loss in our daily life as well. As you all must know that in today’s time, there is always some or the other change.

What will happen if bike insurance is not done?

If you do not get bike insurance done, then you can be jailed as well as fined, but for the time being, we are going to know how much is the insurance plan for which vehicle and how much will have to be paid for third party insurance . .

Suppose your bike gets stolen or gets damaged due to natural calamity then in this case you will not be able to get any profit of your bike.

Unless your bike is not insured or there is already no insurance, then in such a case nothing will be benefited, if your bike is insured by any insurance company and you do not know which insurance is of which company. . So in this case you can see below.

It is mandatory for every vehicle to have third party insurance but it is necessary to have first party insurance for all kinds of benefits like if in any way your bike is stolen or damaged in a natural calamity or someone dies from the bike If it happens, in this case the first party insurance will compensate completely.

In such a situation, it has been made mandatory by the government to give third party insurance for 5 years in all new bikes, if you have a new bike, then you can check the insurance of that bike that for how many days it is insured.

Bike Insurance Price List. bike insurance price list

It is mandatory for all bikes to have third party insurance , but if you want to see your bike insurance price list, then let me tell you that the price of your bike is done by the government agency IRDAI itself.

The price of insurance depends on your bike model and engine capacity. Along with this, if you take third party insurance, then the price list has been shared below according to the vehicle model number and engine capacity.

First of all, let me tell you that there are many insurance companies in today’s time, many such companies give first / third party insurance at a low price, but before that you have to check which insurance you want for your bike and which want to take from the company.

How to check bike insurance price list?

If you want to check the price list of your bike by yourself, which insurance will be available for how much and which company is giving how much, then you can see step by step because I am telling you about such a site. .

Where you can check the bike insurance price list by entering the number of your bike, as well as you can see the type of insurance you want to get.

  •  First open Google.
  • Search or click on the link.
  • 2 Tap on Two wheeler insurance.
  • Now enter the full number of your bike i.e. DL11AW1234 and click on view price.
  • Select which company’s bike is it, for example if it is Hero’s then select Hero.
  • Now you will be asked which model is your bike, suppose your bike is Hero Splendor, then Hero Splendor has to be selected.
  • Select Variant.
  • Select the year in which you bought the vehicle.
  • After this, the price of your bike and the company through which you want to take insurance, what is the price of that company will also be visible.

So you can guess from this that how much is the insurance price of your bike and from which company you want to take it, then there you will see the name of all the insurance companies in India, then click on the insurance company you want to take insurance from. .

Top 8 two wheeler insurance check site

Many insurance companies in India are ruling the customers, even today there are many such Finserv companies which are providing insurance to their customers at low cost with good service, that is why we thought why not share the list of some favorite insurance companies.

Through which you can check your two wheeler insurance. The special thing about this company is that here you get toll free numbers through which you can get complete information about your bike insurance.

  • Tata at
  • Thank you
  • Bajaj Finserv
  • ICICI Lombard
  • So HDFC
  • Reliance Insurance
  • Acko
  • PhonePe

Conclusion   -: So friends, hope that today’s post has proved to be very helpful for you, in such a situation, if you also want to read more articles like this, then you can always visit the site, definitely share this post with friends. Do.

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