How to buy bike insurance 2023 from PhonePe. in just 2 minutes

PhonePe se Bike insurance kaise le :- Welcome to another new post, so friends will know on this post how to check bike insurance, along with that how to buy bike insurance from phonePe.

If you have also bought a new bike or the insurance of your old bike has expired and you are thinking of getting bike insurance sitting at home, then today’s article can prove to be very helpful for you.

Have PhonePe bike insurance policy?
Friends, bike insurance is such a policy in which the bike compensates the owner for damages if in some way your bike is damaged or your bike is stolen or your bike is heavily damaged in accidents, then at that time Bike insurance covers damages.

As we know that there is a lot of running around in today’s daily life, but if in some situation your bike is stolen or you are going somewhere, at this time it hits your bike from behind.

So at that time your bike can suffer a lot of damage, along with this, if your bike is damaged during a natural disaster, then the insurance company helps you in that too, God forbid, tomorrow your bike or the bike driver may cause an accident to another person. I die.

So even in that situation, the insurance company will compensate for the accident, in such a situation, if your bike is insured, then the insurance company compensates for the loss.

Let me tell you that there are many types of insurance and will cover all these types also because it is not possible to get every type of insurance. But in today’s daily life there must be first party insurance or third party insurance.

How to buy Bike Insurance from PhonePe?
In today’s digital era, we also want to be able to get many facilities sitting at home and for a long time your phone will also have an application on the phone, so let us tell you that today phonePe is offering its customers only ₹ 1.5 per day. Providing insurance.

So that there should never be any kind of loss in your life, although even today, many insurance companies provide insurance in the market. If you have ever got insurance done before, then you must know that there are many types of insurance.

But you want us to do our bike insurance or car insurance while sitting at home, then we are going to learn about it step by step.

For this, you must have Paytm on your phone or if you have Paytm in your phone, then you can easily do bike insurance through Paytm as well. In the previous article, I told how to get bike insurance from Paytm.

How to get bike insurance from phone pe? , How to get bike insurance from phonepe?
If you also use phone and you want to know how to get bike insurance from phone, you must read this post if you don’t have account. So first create account on phone, now add bank account and then you can do money transaction according to your own.

Follow The Steps :-

1 :- First open the phonePe app.

2: After this go to the insurance category, now click on the bike icon.

Step 3: Enter your bike number and then click on submit.

4 :- Now your bike number will show in front of you which company’s bike is just below it, it will show after that when you bought the bike, it will also show you now click on VIEW QUOTES.

5 :-  Now the whole list of insurance company will be shown in front of you, select the insurance company from which you want to get bike insurance, before that, do read once about that company that what facilities that company is providing. Only after that select that company and click on SELECT PLAN.
6: – There will be a from open on your mobile, fill it correctly and then click on continue.
7: – After this click on Buy Plan .
8 :- Now click on pay.
Whenever you are getting bike insurance from any company, do check about that company, how much rate that company is paying for your bike and how much it is charging, in such a situation, you will also know that how much amount you will claim Will give
In today’s fast paced life, no one has time, in such a situation, everyone wants us to be able to fulfill all the needs of our life sitting at home, that’s why we have launched the option of giving insurance sitting at home for our customers over the phone.
Insurance has been launched on the phone at a very low price for its customers, as you all will know that there is a mobile wallet on the phone, but it is providing insurance to its customers at just ₹ 1.5 per day by meeting many finance companies.
If you want to get any kind of information about your bike insurance or insurance on the phone, how to get insurance or how to claim insurance, and which insurance can be found in low price. Apart from this, if you have any doubt in your mind then you can contact on 080-68727374 / 022-68727374. You can also get information by calling the toll free number.

Conclusion: Friends, we hope that today’s PhonePe app se Bike Insurance Kaise le, this article would have proved to be very helpful for you, in such a situation, if you also want to read more articles like this, then definitely tell by commenting below, share this with your friends. Do share the post so that everyone can know.

Many thanks to all of you who have visited this page and if you have any problem related to this post then please let me know by commenting in comment box then I will solve that problem as soon as possible.

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