[In 1 Minute] How to get bike insurance from Paytm? , How to get bike insurance from Paytm?

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How to get bike insurance from Paytm? : As you all know how important it is for all drivers to have insurance in today’s time, because it is very important for the safety of you and your vehicle. If you haven’t got your bike insured yet, then this post is for you.

Through this article, we will tell you how to get bike insurance from Paytm? You will get to know all the information related to this, please read this post completely so that you can easily get information related to your Paytm Se Bike Insurance Kaise Kare from anyone.

So that you can get insurance cover for your bike in case of any damage.

Is there bike insurance?
Now let’s talk about what is this bike insurance? And why is this done, then let us tell you that for the safety of any item, we get it insured in advance, so that unfortunately, if the item is damaged at that time, we can get our insurance cover from the insurance company to compensate for that damage. Could take

Whenever we protect our vehicle from damage, first of all, we get that vehicle insured, so that if for any reason, if there is any kind of damage to our vehicle, then we can recover it from the insurance company without compensating for the loss. So that getting insured does not increase the burden of financial or legal proceedings on the insured.

Why buy bike insurance from Paytm?
By the way, apart from Paytm, there are many other companies in the online market, with the help of which you can get your bike insurance done, but in today’s post, we are providing you information related to how to get bike insurance from Paytm .

You should do bike insurance from Paytm because Paytm app is one of the most trusted digital platform, which provides you all the convenience to do digital work. And while paying in this, your payment is completely secure.

Benefits of bike insurance with Paytm
If you have got your bike insured with the help of any other payment app in Paytm, then you will get many benefits of this insurance, whose information below we have given you in detail through points, by reading which you will be able to know that bike insurance is required. What are the benefits?

The first advantage of getting your bike insured is that if unfortunately your vehicle gets damaged through any kind of accident, then you will be able to take the compensation of that loss through the insurance company, which will not increase your financial burden.
If your vehicle has caused an accident, then the person in front will file a case against you for legal action to pay the penalty, which if you have bike insurance, you will get rid of these actions immediately.
If you cause any injury or damage to others, then the company has to pay the damages for the same.
If the bike is damaged or stolen or your vehicle is destroyed, then the insurance company will compensate you for it.
Through the vehicle, you also get hurt yourself or your family, then the compensation for this injury is given by the insurance company.
The main advantage of having bike insurance is that often you have to pay for the driving due to lack of insurance paper when asked by the police above the traffic signal, which will give you protection from this as well.
The most important advantage of getting bike insurance is that you will get a sense of mental security and peace and you will also feel like a responsible citizen.
List of Bike Insurance Company
Although the list of bike insurance companies in online marketing is many, but we are providing you a list of some of the most trusted and popular insurance companies below, out of which you can choose one and get your vehicle insured. .

So. No List of Bike Insurance Company
1. IFFCO Tokio General Insurance
2. Royal Sundaram General Insurance
3. The Oriental Insurance Company
4. HDFC ERGO General Insurance
5. Universal Sompo General Insurance
6. Tata AIG General Insurance
7. The New India Assurance
8. SBI General Insurance
9. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
10. Future Generali India Insurance
11. Bharti AXA General Insurance
12. ICICI Lombard General Insurance
13. Liberty General Insurance
14. Cholamandalam MS General Insurance
15. National Insurance Company
16. Edelweiss General Insurance
17. Reliance General Insurance
18. Acko General Insurance
19. United India Insurance Company
20. Kotak Mahindra General Insurance
21. Go Digit General Insurance
22. Magma HDI General Insurance
23. Shriram General Insurance
24. Navi General Insurance
bike insurance price list 2022
How much is your bike insurance, then we are telling you about the price of bike insurance, let us tell you that the cost of insuring a two wheeler vehicle depends on the capacity of the CC of your vehicle.

In this mainly if your vehicle is less than 75 cc capacity then in this your bike insurance rate starts from 750, same for 75 to 150 cc bike insurance 750 and 150 to 350 cc bike insurance from 1190 and 350 High powered two wheeler insurance starts from ₹2300

Seen by the insurance company, it is not the same for all companies, there is a difference of a few rupees, in this you can see a difference of ₹ 40 to ₹ 50, which varies from time to time. .

Under what conditions does bike insurance provide insurance cover?
On getting bike insurance, you should ask for insurance cover, it should come under the mentioned list, you will be given the news of two wheeler insurance Puniram, but let me tell you, to get these insurance covers, you have given this news according to the cost of brain power. goes.

In case of fire or damage to the vehicle due to any reason. Due to damage to the vehicle due to natural calamity. Call in case of theft of vehicle accessories, in case of any kind of accident while driving.

How to get bike insurance from Paytm? , How to get bike insurance from Paytm?
So let’s know how to insure bike with Paytm, below we have told you its step by step process, by following which you will be able to easily insure your two wheeler through Paytm and be safe. And for some reason, if your two wheeler is damaged in any way, then you will be able to take cover from the insurance company.

Follow the steps given below, so that you can easily get bike insurance from Paytm within minutes.

In the first step, you have to open the Paytm application in your mobile phone, if you do not have this application, then first of all download the Play Store.

Select the option of bike insurance in the option of insurance.
Bike Insurance link
Now you will come to the dashboard of Paytm app where you will see the option of bike insurance in the option of insurance, you will have to select that option.

Enter your vehicle number.
gadi number dale
Now a new page will open in which you will have to enter your two wheeler vehicle number and click on the Next button.

select best Insurance Policy
Now below the details of the vehicle number entered by you, you will see the list of the main insurance company mentioned by the Paytm app , in which you have to select your plan according to your choice and click on the Buy Now link.

Fill your details.
Now an insurance form will appear in front of you in which you will have to fill personal information like vehicle owner name, mobile number, email id, gender, marital status, nominee name, vehicle number, chassis number and select the button link on Next.

Get payment now 1
So that you will come to the payment gateway option where you will be able to pay for your bike insurance through UPI or ATM card and easily get your bike insurance done through Paytm . After the completion of the insurance process, you will be seeing a registration number in which you will be able to click on this link and download your insurance document and keep it safe with you.

In this way, by following this process given by us, now you can easily get insurance of any type of two wheeler through Paytm, which is an easy process.

How to check car insurance?
If you do not know how to check your bike insurance, then below we are telling you step by step process, with the help of which you can check the last date of insurance of your vehicle, here we are telling how to check bike insurance through Paytm Which is like this.

First you have to open the Paytm app.
Now scroll down in the Paytm dashboard and click on the Paytm Insurance link in the insurance bucket .
Now you have to enter your vehicle number and click on Get Court or Next button.
Now information will be visible in front of you with the understanding of your entered vehicle number.
And information related to insurance will also be visible.
In this way, by following these steps, you will be able to easily get the information about how to check the insurance of your motorcycle.

What is the claim process for taking bike insurance?
If you have already taken bike insurance, if for some reason your bike is a victim of an accident or you are a bean, then below we are telling you the angry news about the process of how to get your insurance claim.

First you have to contact the insurance company with which you have insured your motorcycle to claim it.
Your insurance documents will be asked by the company which you will have to give to them.
The employee will be sent by the insurance company to visit the spot where you will submit the information to the insurance company after inspecting the damage or any kind of damage to your vehicle.
On the basis of the investigation, the insurance company will make the insurance claim available in the form of financial amount in case of any damage caused to your bike.
By following all the process mentioned above, you will be able to get your bike insurance easily by following the claim process.

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