Hiccup Easy Remedies: To reduce frequent hiccups, take these five home remedies

Whether it is at home or at home, if you suddenly start hiccups in the middle of eating, there is a loss of rhythm in eating. Sometimes hiccups take a long time to subside. But know what to do to reduce this hiccups quickly? Here are five simple home remedies.

Stick the tongue out: Sticking the tongue out can also get rid of this problem. Stick your tongue out for some time. This method will reduce hiccups quickly.

Inhale and exhale: This method is more or less known to everyone. Swallow the food somehow, take a deep breath. After holding it for a while release it slowly. Do this several times. You will see that the hiccups are reduced immediately.

Eat a spoonful of sugar: You can rely on sugar to reduce hiccups. Take a spoonful of sugar from the sugar bowl in the kitchen and eat it. And wait for a while. You will see that the hiccups have stopped.

Exercise with folded legs: Fold the legs and press them to the chest for a while. If you are in this condition, you will see that the hiccups are reduced in a very short time.


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