Dandruff Problem: Dandruff? Eliminate Moksam in this way

Dandruff Problem: One thing to know is that dandruff has nothing to do with good or bad hair.

Dandruff is a hair problem that not only spoils the hair but also makes people look very unattractive. But it is important to know that dandruff has nothing to do with good or bad hair. Dandruff occurs on the scalp, not the hair. Basically, dandruff is born from an unclean scalp. As new cells are born in every part of the body, so is the scalp. There, dead cells are removed and new cells are born. These dead cells accumulate on the scalp which is called flaking.

1 tablespoon of neem leaf powder

1 tablespoon basil leaves powder

1 tablespoon of honey

1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel


Mix neem leaves and tulsi leaf powder, honey and aloe vera gel in a bowl and apply this mixture on the scalp.

Leave it on the scalp for 15 to 20 minutes and wash the hair with water.

Applying this hair pack twice a week will reduce dandruff problem to a great extent.

Must remember

If this hair pack is to be applied on the hair instead of the scalp then the hair should be washed with shampoo first. This hair pack deeply moisturizes and conditions the hair. If the hair is washed immediately after applying it, the benefits of this hair pack will be less.

Benefits of Tulsi and Neem Hair Pack

This hair pack has antibacterial and antifungal properties. If there is dandruff on the scalp then applying this pack will reduce it.

If the scalp is very itchy, applying this type of hair pack will also reduce it.

Apart from giving shine to the hair, this pack will strengthen the hair roots and also reduce the problem of hair fall.

If the hair turns white prematurely, i.e. i.e. immaturity, then Tulsi and Neem are very helpful. Of course, it does not mean that it will turn the hair color black, but this pack will slow down the graying of hair. That is, the hair will fall much less than before.

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